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Origin Malting prides itself on our close working relationship with local farmers and brewers alike.



 With a history in the grain industry, Josh Michaluk and Kyle Geeraert were looking at value added options and stumbled across state of the art small to mid sized malting equipment designed in Fargo, North Dakota. Now adding the fact they could work so closely with quality farms and put farmers forward, they put it all together and thus starting Origin Malting.


 Currently we specialize in customized 2-Row base, Biscuit, and Distiller's malts. Origin Malting prides itself on our close working relationship with local farmers and brewers alike, ensuring a consistent top quality product with full traceability. We have comparable pricing to our competitors with the cost difference being calculated per bottle


We are planning for a running launch date of September 1, 2017 in Strathmore, AB with our local grain coming from Hilton Ventures Ltd. Until then, we'll be closely involved in the brewery and distillery community, making close contacts, and fostering a relationship between the farmers and the breweries and distilleries.




The Farmers

Grain to Glass - a Hilton Ventures Story

Hilton Ventures is a 5th generation, multifamily operation. Our farm is just down the road from Origin Malting, and we are proud to supply them with 2 row malting barley. We have been growing malt barley for over 40 years, and appreciate that Origin has recognized the high quality, nutrient dense barley we produce.


Our farm helped pioneer the soil conservation movement decades ago and we continue to refine best management practices that build this resource. To us, the key to our success is right below our feet. Our Soil! Working with the climate and our soil, our team grows some of the best food in the world, and at the same time, sequesters thousands of tonnes of CO2 and locks it in the soil, each and every year.


We will be providing Origin Malting with an outstanding traceable product, grown from a truly sustainable heritage that will help Origin create a masterpiece, and all from just down the road. Please contact Origin Malting and come visit us some day.

Kyle Geeraert


Product Development Manager


With his background being based in Agriculture, Kyle Geeraert has been a part of many aspects in the Ag industry. From working in feedlots and cow calf operations to working for grain farmers then landing a great position utilizing his education working for W.A. Grain and Pulse Solutions. Through this company Kyle and his work partner and friend Josh Michaluk were looking for value added options to the agricultural industry and bridge the gap between local farmers grain products to the local breweries and distilleries and stumbled across state of the art malting equipment. Once realizing it's added potential and the already close relationship with local farmers and Kyle himself being an “agvocate” they put it all together to build a new company and Kyle transitioned into product development manager for Origin Malting. In this position he will be working very closely with brewers and distillers to ensure their needs are being met, and any new products they would like to try will be readily available. Kyle's main focus in this position is to ensure consistent and high quality of every bag of malt that leaves our door! Feel free to contact Kyle at any time to answer any questions or concerns.

Josh Michaluk


Marketing & Sales Manager


Josh is a born and raised Calgarian with a love for everything local. He now resides in Airdrie, just 10 minutes north of Calgary. He started his journey into the working world as a Sheet Metal worker. After working in the construction field, he obtained his Journeyman Sheet Metal ticket, as well as his Red Seal. He then went to work for his family in the agriculture industry. This is where he learned about the aspect of grain farming and processing, and witnessed first hand the passion of the Canadian grain farmers.


This company led Josh to Fargo ND with his co-worker and friend, Kyle Geeraert. They were originally visiting to view some high end malting equipment that they could be distributors for in Canada. Josh was instantly impressed and loved the idea of it all, being a craft beer lover himself for as long as he could remember. Josh and Kyle talked about the equipment that first night, and decided that with their knowledge of the grain industry, as well as their connections to the best Grain farmers around, that a malting company was a must. After a quick meeting with their company owners, some premium local farmers, and a few craft beers, Origin Malting was born.


Fostering a relationship between the farmers and the breweries and distilleries.

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