Meet the Team


Nick Patterson

Head Brewer

Born: 1988

From: Standard, East of Strathmore

Hobbies: Home renos, music, drums, spending time with family

Brewing history: After a trip to a couple breweries in Calgary I became very curious about brewing beer at home. Did some research online and bought some entry level gear and began brewing in my garage. With a little research and practice I learned how to brew everything from Vienna Lagers, to Imperial Stouts, to West Coast IPAs to Chocolate Raspberry Porters. In just a couple of years I brewed a hundred batches and began making plans to open my own brewery in Strathmore. After meeting with the town, signing a lease and putting my funding together I was approached by Origin to join their crew instead, which would allow me to brew the beer as opposed to starting my own brewery and hiring a brewer. Without hesitation, we started working together and in the first 6 months at Origin we brewed more than 50 batches of beer, and 22 different beers altogether.

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