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At Origin Malting & Brewing, we believe the best craft beer in your glass starts with the best Alberta barley grown on our 5th generation family farm.

We are unique by being one of the only Canadian companies to grow, malt and brew as one company to make the best quality craft malt and fantastic tasting craft beer right here in Strathmore, Alberta.

By striving to produce and use the best ingredients, we raise the standard in the craft beer industry to proudly use locally grown and malted barley to match demand for single origin malt with full traceability back to the family farm. When you support the local malting and craft beer industry you are supporting local and driving companies to use the BEST local ingredients possible!

Our truly local Barley To Beer experience is surely one you don’t want to pass up!

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We serve our beer with a story and a smile! #CraveTheLocalFlavour


Origin is one of the only companies to be truly local "Grain to Glass."

Beer on tap


Our first Craft Cider batch! Light and refreshing, this dry cider drinks similar to white wine and champagne with a subtle fresh apple finish. Perfect for any time of year!


K├Âlsch style beers are hybrids, fermented at 15 degrees celsius with 50/50 ale/lager yeast, this brew is then lagered at 2 degrees celsius for 18 days before we serve it. Light notes of tang and citrus dominate an ultra light, crisp body that has many subtle characteristics of a lager. The gateway beer for non craft beer drinkers!


Our rotating fruit series available all summer long. Our base Kolsch beer blended with high quality local fruit purees, crafted in small batches in Strathmore Alberta! 2018 lineup: Raspberry Smoothie Cherry Grapefruit Blueberry Cranberry Rhubarb Peach 2017 Lineup: Saskatoon Raspberry Cranberry Pomegranate Grapefruit


We take our Backdraft Red recipe and dry hop it with Azacca essential oils from Glacier Hop Farms, Whitefish Montana. Simple, straight forward and delicious.


Made in collaboration with the Strathmore Fire Department to help raise money for their charity to buy new equipment - this Red is a unique one, made of a very select malt bill to give such a fine red tone. The aroma of caramel, toast, garpefruit and grass, a hearty malt backbone mashes well with the addition of Fuggles and Centennial hops to add a grassy/floral/grapefruit aspect. A cool fermentation results in a very clean and smooth delivery leaving almost no aftertaste. Support a great cause by enjoying a great beer!


Nutty, toffee, molasses and caramel notes on the nose followed by light coffee, milk chocolate and delicious nutty flavours on your palate. This brew is a smooth drinker, has a sweet finish due the residual sweetness of the Scottish yeast and is one of the most popular beer here at Origin.


Barrel Aged in Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Barrels.


Our award winning Brown Ale aged for 8 months in Jim Bean bourbon whiskey barrels, soured with lacto. We had never really heard of a sour brown ale, so we figured we should just make it happen! Enjoy


Craft Root Beer made straight from the botanicals. Ingredients include molasses, wintergreen, liquorice root and sarsaparilla. The first product coming out of Calgary's newest brewery

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