Our Farmers


High Quality Malt Barley

For Over 40 Years

Hilton Ventures is a 5th generation, multifamily operation. Our farm is just down theroad from Origin Malting, and we are proud to supply them with premium 2 row malting barley.

We have been growing malt barley for over 40 years, and appreciate that Origin has recognized the high-quality, nutrient dense barley we produce.

We produce high-quality, nutrient dense, malting barley

Pioneers of the

Soil Conservation Movement

Our farm helped pioneer the soil conservation movement decades ago and we continue to refine best management practices that build this resource. The family has been recognized in The Canadian Conservation Hall of Fame.

To us, the key to our success is right below our feet... Our Soil!

Working with the climate and our soil, our team grows some of the best barley in the world. Also, this farming system allows us to capture thousands of tonnes of CO2 each and every year, reducing our carbon footprint.

Hilton Ventures will be providing Origin Malting with an outstanding traceable product, grown from a truly sustainable heritage that will help Origin create a masterpiece,
and all from just down the road.

Exclusive Field Tours

During Seeding and Harvest

We will be offering exclusive field tours during seeding and harvest for a hands-on experience for brewers, distillers, and beer lovers alike with our Barley to Beer story.

Please contact Origin Malting and come visit us soon!

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